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Water Heater Installation & Repair in Englewood, CO

Whether your top priority is cost, reliability, longevity, or energy efficiency, we can help ensure that your water heater is safe, and functioning at peak performance. 

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Gas, Electric, Hybrid, and Tankless water heaters should provide a consistent flow of hot water for many years. all require regular maintenance to maintain efficiency and consistent temperature.

Pristine Plumbing technicians are experts at diagnosing malfunctions and explaining all your options, regardless of the type of water heater you have. In most cases we can remedy whatever’s causing a problem with your water heater in Englewood, CO and the surrounding Denver metro area. We’ll return your water heater to pristine performance.  We show you what needs to be done, explain the cost, and get your approval before any work begins.


Replacing your water heater in Englewood, CO and the surrounding Denver metro area does not need to disrupt your life or your budget. When it’s time to remove an old water heater and install a new one, we’ll get it done efficiently, leaving your home in pristine condition, guaranteed.

We proudly wear the Green Screen badge to indicate that we are committed to protecting the environment. We make sure that your used water heater doesn’t wind up in the dump. We recycle whenever possible.

Our technicians can explain the differences between, gas, electric, hybrid, and tankless water heaters and how to determine which might be most suitable for your home.  If cost is a challenge, we offer financing that can be approved right on the spot.

As members of a national trade group, we have the benefit of extra purchasing power, and can get you the best possible price. Become a member of the Pristine Protection Club and enjoy even greater savings, priority scheduling and discounts on all your plumbing needs.

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