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Garbage Disposal Replacement & Repair in Englewood, CO

Garbage disposals have revolutionized the way we manage our kitchen debris. To ensure they operate at peak capacity, though, we need to give them consistent maintenance and care.


Just because a garbage disposal seems to handle anything you throw at it doesn’t mean it’s infallible. In fact, the regular wear and tear can take its toll on its parts to the point where its inoperative without repair. And a broken, clogged, or jammed garbage disposal creates nothing but a smelly situation.

Whether the impellers are ineffective, the drainage isn’t working, or any other number of issues, they can be quickly repaired by a trained technician from Pristine Plumbing.


If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, don’t despair. We can help install a new one so that you can get back to cooking up a storm in your kitchen again.

As a licensed plumbing contractor, you know you can trust our team to do the job right, the first time. Our trained technicians will do a full evaluation of your current system before recommending and implementing the best course of action, which sometimes includes a full garbage disposal replacement.

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